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Honest Handmade Skincare

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honour. earth. love. you. 

Naturals by Yerba Vita is a responsible handcrafted skincare line made in harmony with  the Earth and in balance with You. We use only the most effective natural ingredients to nourish your body and allow you to be your best, beautiful, amazing self. Guided by the earth's abundance, we let the elements work their wonders on you. Made in the Netherlands with love and respect.

In nature everything works efficiently. Nothing is wasted, the energy is preserved for creation & growth
— Victoria Ratmanova



A natural skincare specialist and spa consultant, Victoria Ratmanova has always been fascinated and inspired by the healing powers of the Earth. Her interest in herbal alchemy led to creations that work wonders on everyday skin concerns and more serious ailments. This path brought Victoria to the Natural Healing Institute in California, U.S.A., where she perfected her craft and started Naturals by Yerba Vita. More than just skincare products, Victoria’s responsibly handcrafted solutions are designed to help women achieve their full potential and be their best selves. Victoria transforms everyday, natural ingredients into luxurious skincare solutions—elixirs designed to help women of all ages find peace, harmony and health.


Victoria Ratmanova, CEO and Founder of Naturals by Yerba Vita  


Everything I make goes on my own skin. I use only the best for myself and for you. We deserve it.
— Victoria Ratmanova